What is Problem Solving Management Consulting-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

What is Problem Solving Management Consulting?

What is Problem Solving Management Consulting-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Solving problems has been one of the most used and the most sought after services in the business world and no company is ever exempted from it. No matter how big or how small your company or your business is, it’s never free from all the problems and the dilemmas that the world has for it.

Problem Solving Management Consulting is a service that you might want to consider getting especially if you are encountering a particular problem you’re not sure how you can resolve or address.

It’s a service that is most popular to small businesses because they do not have the capability to hire a Problem Solving Management Consulting Professional to their team. What is Problem Solving Management Consulting anyway? How can it help your business or your organization?

Overview of Problem Solving Management Consulting

In case you’re not sure, Problem Solving Management is a process in which it helps companies and businesses out in terms of resolving and addressing problems and obstacles that they are facing. The main goal of it is to be able to find a structured path or way how it can be resolved without ever going out of budget, without influencing or affecting other parts of the business, and the like.

Why Get a Problem Solving Management Consulting Service?

Whether you are experiencing a lack of professionals and experts, or if you want to get the opportunity to have better, more standardized procedures and processes. You can treat it as one of the best and the most effective service that you can get for your company.

Other than solving problems, it can also help you and your organization to find out what you need to do to further improve and develop the management systems and procedures that you have.

Tools For Developing Business Processes

Problem Solving Management in itself is an effective and an efficient quality tool that would help and assist businesses get the solution that they have been yearning for. Tools and other frameworks – some of which include, furthermore, assist this process:

8D or Eight Disciplines

The Eight (8D) Principles is a tool used in problem solving and its main feature is to be able to identify all the issues that have happened in the past and that are continuing to be ruthless threats to your business or your organization. What the 8D does is that it provides and establishes corrective action that is based on problematic statistical analysis of the problems and hurdles of a company or an organization.

Scatter Plot Diagram

Just by reading it, it’s already obvious that it’s one mathematical tool to see the relationship between two points and figures. In Problem Solving Management, however, these points are the factors and the problems. Identification of the problem and knowing its relationship with other problems is what the scatter plot diagram is. It’s an effectively useful tool in determining solutions for hurdles and obstacles that aren’t easily solved.

5 Whys

Ever heard of the Five Whys? This particular method is used not just in solving problems – but also in other areas, too. The idea of the Five Whys is that from a particular question, the question “Why” would be asked until it gets to the finest point of the problem. It can be used side-by-side with other tools to know and determine other causes of the problem listed down.

Fishbone Diagram

Last but definitely not the least in our list is the Fishbone Diagram. Perhaps, the Fishbone Diagram is the most popular and the most used tool or methodology of all as it holds a specific way of determining the root causes of problems. It’s considered as one of the oldest but the most efficient and effective methodologies and tools in the Problem Solving Management industry. Without it, a lot of company problems wouldn’t have been solved.

These four (4) tools are only some of the tools used by Problem Solving Management Consultants – but there’s more! It’s not just limited to it, there are other variations of it, too and it will depend on the results you are looking to get and find out.

But are you aware how consultants perform their problem-solving regime? Do you know what particular actions they do and they commit to?

How Do Management Consultants Solve Problems?

No matter how crucial and how complicated you think of it, it’s a rather simple, yet in-depth process used to solve problems. Through the tools given above, Consultants would make use of the most effective and efficient tool or set of tools compatible and eligible to the situation the organization or the company is in.

The usual procedure how consultants solve problems would involve a four-step rule, which is known as the PDCA or the Plan – Do– Check – and Act. The PDCA is a cycle that is used to help businesses and organizations improve and develop processes, products, an services on a continuous way.

Planning would involve the identification of the problem, the gathering of data and information, and the measuring of what is lost from what can be gained if the problem is not existing; Doing is the procedure of performing analysis as to what needs to be done to help out in solving the problem; Checking is the trial for the solution that is heeded; and lastly, Acting is the implementation of the newest strategy you came up with.

The Best Problem Solving Management Consultants in the Country

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Our experience in the industry made us the best and the most structured company to help in the determination of the needed procedures your business or your organization needs for it to be more profitable, for it to have more effective and efficient processes, and the like.

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