Principles of Lean Six Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Principles of Lean Six Sigma

Principles of Lean Six Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma has been one, if not the most recognized, and the most famous business process improvement strategies out in the market and it has been wanted by millions of companies, organizations, and various institutions all over the world. The results it yielded made everyone’s jaws drop and it’s something you’d want to have a hand in, too.

How does Lean Six Sigma work? What are the Principles of Lean Six Sigma that makes it one of the best and the most important methodologies in the world of business?

The Process of Lean Six Sigma Explained

You’re not the only person wondering how the whole Lean Six Sigma Process comes up. What does it do? How do companies and businesses utilize it to further improve and develop their business processes?

Lean Six Sigma isn’t singular or a lone methodology; how do you think it became known as the most effective and the most successful business process tools and methodologies in the industry? Under it is a series of tools and procedures that make it up. They involve step-by-step procedures on how processes should go and function.

For example, the DMADV or the (D) – Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (D) – Design; and (V) Verify framework is the procedure used to help a company out in their plans of carrying out new services and processes or by creating or releasing new products in the market.

Comprehensively, Lean Six Sigma is used for quite a few things; the main reasons would be:

  • To solve problems that companies are not capable of solving
  • To increase profitability and cash flow
  • To standardize processes
  • To identify waste, variation, and other non-essential parts of the process; and
  • Many more

Depending on your goals and your objectives, Lean Six Sigma can be the key to your company or your business’s success. For instance, if you are in the manufacturing sector or industry, you can make use of Lean Six Sigma to help you with how you produce the goods, parts, and products that you need to supply your clients.

Why You Need Lean Six Sigma

Don’t you believe you need Lean Six Sigma for your business? What do you think are the primary reasons why you can appropriately find a use for Lean Six Sigma? Whatever business you are engaged in, improving and developing business processes would be a good thing for your company.

Imagine all the benefits that come with it – faster delivery and operations, higher quality of goods and products, fewer and lesser errors and defects, removal of waste and other variation, and so on.

Now that we know what Lean Six Sigma is and how it can be an important part of our business processes and procedures, it is time for us to know its principles and what Lean Six Sigma is for in the eyes of our clients.

The Principles of Lean Six Sigma

We all are aware that Lean Six Sigma is as comprehensive as it gets. It is a powerful, structured, and effective way of developing and further enhancing a business process or procedure. Because of these Principles, Lean Six Sigma has known the way we know it today:

Customer or Client Focus

One principle of Lean Six Sigma that everyone should always remember is that it is aimed to put emphasis on the customers or the clients. Even if it poses an advantage and benefit for businesses, its objective is to help and assist clients to have better customer satisfaction. Focusing on the client or the customer has been the main goal of Lean Six Sigma and that’s still its main objective now.

Management of Waste and Variation (Reduction and Elimination)

Another principle is that it aims to reduce, decrease, or overall eliminate waste or variation in a business. This will bring the business better profits and a lot of other benefits – but it still points out the direction of improving or developing the relationship of the business to the clients and customers.

Removal of Non-Essential Steps and Processes

Along with the reduction and elimination of waste and variation would be the elimination of non-valuable and non-essential steps in a business procedure or process. This would have a ton of benefits to the business or the organization and to show its relationship to customers and clients are. More so, non-valuable steps can just cause a lot of problems and dilemmas for a company. Knowing how to detect or remove them will be one of the best adjustments you can make.

People Involvement and Engagement

Working by yourself is never the answer to how your business or your organization will grow. Have you ever known a well-known and prominent organization manned by only one person? Even the giants today are backed with the best staff members and professionals they have in their company.

Lean Six Sigma is not only a process improvement tool – it can also serve as the methodology that can bring your entire company or organization closer together. It uses a myriad of ways on how it can help and aid people’s involvement and engagement, and that’s what you will learn when you take up Lean Six Sigma Training.

We here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts bring out the best in our Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Programs by appropriately integrating all those principles in our teachings. So far, no other Lean Six Sigma Training Company matched the key competencies that we have. We remain the best and the most effective and efficient organization in the industry and we don’t intend for it to be taken from us.

Work with a company you know holds principles like ho you want it to be held. Experience a hassle-free, honest, and transparent way of integrating Lean Six Sigma into your business processes and procedures! 

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts will be your guide in your journey of mastering the methodology! Experience exceptional quality Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification and never be worried about how you can integrate it with our help!

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