Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Many people consider the Yellow Belt to be the entry-level belt of Lean Six Sigma; it is both true and not, in different circumstances. Formally and officially, the basic and the starting belt for Lean Six Sigma is the White Belt – it is where the journey for the belt begins; it’s the one-day session focused in providing basic knowledge in Lean Six Sigma as well as the overview of some of the tools and resources.

Yellow Belt as the “Basic” Level

The Yellow Belt, however, is considered as the basic level because of the simplicity of the responsibilities and the actions that go with it. Compared to the White Belt, the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is the level in which individuals and students are exposed to the deeper and the more detailed concepts of the methodology.

Although both White and Yellow Belts have a lot of things in common, such as the training session, which can span in one (1) or two (2) days, learning the overview of certain methods and how they can be used, and the like, they are different programs and if you have specific results you want to see, you need to be careful on how you will choose it.

Apart from that, the Yellow Belt would be directed to participate in projects and contribute as team members do and perform. They would work with Green Belts as their leaders and their objectives are:

  • To learn how Lean Six Sigma is integrated into projects;
  • To be able to recognize how the discipline helps the business or the organization;
  • To enable the company or the organization’s staff members and professionals to contribute effectively; and
  • Many more

Objectives and goals might and will differ depending on where you are in the company – as well as the industry you are in. One thing is for certain; Lean Six Sigma is your strength and your stronghold – use it to improve your current state or position.

Earning the Yellow Belt Certification

Many people like to think that before they can earn or obtain a Yellow Belt, they would need the White Belt as a prerequisite. To clarify this, there’s no specific rule that tells this so. In fact, an individual can choose to go with a Yellow Belt directly rather than going through the White Belt first, if they plan to take a different path.

If you look forward to earning that Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, it is imperative that you understand that you will need to pass a certain assessment that would signify your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  These would include:

Basic Understanding of the Methodology

One thing that would be required of aspiring Yellow Belt Certified professionals would be the basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. What it is for, how it can be used by companies, what are the tools needed, and the like are all essential pieces of it. Assessments could be written or project-based and students would need to complete it in order to be certified.

Knowledge of the DMAIC Framework

In case you’re not in the know, the DMAIC framework or structure is short for (D) ­– Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (I) – Improve; and (C) – Control and is used to stabilize, regulate, enhance, and fully develop a certain process. Yellow Belts would be required to have deep understanding of the structure and in some instances – they might need to be knowledgeable on how they can perform it as well.

Supporting Green and Black Belts

What’s meant in supporting Green and Black Belts is that they need to work hand-in-hand with them to help accomplish projects. It can be real-life scenarios in real businesses; it can be interactive lessons and training programs – or it can be via Lean Six Sigma projects that are made for the purpose of assessment.

Those are three (3) of the main requirements that Yellow Belt aspirants need to have in order for them to be given the guarantee of Certification. It may be simple as it’s just a one or two-day training, but it isn’t.

Maximizing the Yellow Belt Skills

During time of training, you would be able to witness how Lean Six Sigma can completely change the entirety of how your business is run or managed. In addition to that, you might also be opened to the many concepts of Lean Six Sigma, which might confuse you.

For this, it is imperative that you maximize your skills; skills that you will be able to acquire during training. There’s no other company or institution that you can trust for the best and the highest standard of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification than us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts.  For decades, we have proven the effectiveness and the success level of our services and we never let our clients down.

Valuing Your Skills

Lean Six Sigma isn’t a skill that can be easily acquired overnight. You may be able to pass the assessment and be certified – but how confident are you that you will be able to live by it and integrate it accordingly?

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts, we value your skills more than how we value your scores in examinations and assessments. Our focus is primarily set on how you can implant the skillset and the essential lessons that you have gotten from training.

The Reach of Lean Six Sigma

As far as all Lean Six Sigma Belts are concerned, your business industry or sector does not matter. Whatever business industry you are in, and wherever your place might be in the market, you can utilize the Lean Six Sigma discipline to help improve and develop your company or your organization’s overall procedures and processes.

Obtaining Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is not easy – but it’s not going to be hard and difficult as well, especially with our help here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts. Experience a smooth and seamless training session, and an unmatched quality of certification.

Improve your business procedures drastically and never worry about how you can get this particular level ever again.

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