Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

The Lean Six Sigma Curriculum is usually taught not until college, however, students from various middle schools and high schools may efficiently utilize this curriculum to its utmost extent and apply the techniques taught to solve problems and create major improvements.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology in which working conditions are sought to be improved by eliminating problems and removing waste and inefficacy as for the betterment of how a student/person may cater to the needs of a recipient, or another certain person.

In line with this, the tools, methods, and principles of Lean and Six Sigma are combined and homogenized to create one more powerful methodology seeking to make major improvements upon an organization’s operations. The three (3) key elements to the Lean Six Sigma Curriculum are tools and techniques; the processes and methodologies; and mindset and culture.

Tools and techniques are used to identify and solve problems while process and methodology cater to organize the usage of problem-solving tools so that the root causes of a particular problem may be identified and from there on, a solution may be created. Lastly speaking, the mindset and culture focus on the student’s thinking process which is reliant upon data and processes to achieve operational performance goals and continuously improve.

These three key elements depend on one another to effectively reinforce changes and improvements. Analytical techniques will only be efficiently used if a process and a mindset for consistent improvement exist, and as such an improvement will not exist unless the tools and techniques that define the activity of the process steps do.

And last but most definitely not the least, the culture is the notion in which insists on a systemic data-based approach to solving problems.

The Different Lean Six Sigma Belts

There are different belts corresponding to the student’s level: the Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black belt.  A group may consist of many Yellow belts led by either the Green or Black belt. Yellow belts are expected to be familiar with the structured methodology and the use of cross-functional tools and techniques.

The Yellow Belts

A project may have as many Yellow belts as needed according to the scope of the process being investigated and the nature of the problem. Yellow belts will likewise participate in all the project team meetings acting in the role of subject matter expert for their function or discipline.

It is also usual for individuals under the Yellow belt certification to belong to various Lean Six Sigma project teams.

The Green Belts

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, on the other hand, are typically project leaders. Individuals under this certification usually work on projects that are within their expertise or responsibility.

The Green belt, however, is not the subject matter expert on all aspects of the process or product, but they are mostly the expert on some part of the process or product. But Green belt individuals are not expected to be an expert on all aspects of the advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques. As such, they turn to their Black Belt for advice and coaching.

The Black Belts

Likewise, an organization may consist of multiple Black belts as well. Their role focuses upon their expertise upon Lean Six Sigma and is usually filled by a full-time position. Moreover, they are the trainers and coaches of Green and Yellow belts.

Finally, within the organization, there will most likely be only one Master Black belt, a full-time position, and a senior role whose responsibility is to maintain and control the Lean Six Sigma initiative within.

The Master Black Belts

Master Black belts and Black belts have the same credentials regarding their training and certification, however, they do not share the same responsibilities. Whereas Black belts manage the projects, Master Black belts manage the initiative.

They work closely with senior leadership to determine how many Black Belts and Green Belts would be needed and which functional departments or locations should get them first.

The DMAIC Process

A structured methodology is followed by the Lean Six Sigma represented by the acronym, DMAIC which is Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. What is DMAIC? Here’s a quick overview of what this is and how it’s one of the most effective strategies used in the High School Curriculum.

  1. The Define phase identifies the problem from the customer perspective, the processes to be analyzed, and a goal for performance improvement, to say the least;
  2. The Measure phase is when the current performance of the process, product, or service with respect to the critical quality attributes identified in the Define phase is gauged;
  3. The Analyze phase is when the process and product data are analyzed to get down to the true root cause or causes of the problem the customer has experienced;
  4. The Improve phase happens once all three have been accomplished. What this phase seeks to achieve is to implement a solution in which problems are eliminated or controlled; and
  5. The Control phase is the last step in the methodology. This phase deals with the stability and effectivity of the solution

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