How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma?

How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Imagine that you are a company or an organization and you’re looking to improve or develop your business procedures and processes – what are the first things that you consider? What documents will you be creating?

Most people and business executives, even those that are already experienced and seasoned find it difficult to capture where and how they should start. One thing that many people fail to consider is through training for Lean Six Sigma – and it includes becoming Certified.

Under the umbrella of Lean Six Sigma, there are numerous strategies, methodologies, and approaches that businesses and organizations can take advantage of in order for them to see and to witness the continuous improvement and development that the concept introduces; and one of the simplest but part of the most effective is the A3 Process.

Defining the A3 Process: What is it?

If we were to define and describe the A3 Process, we can sum it down to simply a problem-solving tool that is used to foster and enhance learning as well as the personal growth from employees. It’s dubbed as the “A3” process as the process has been derived from the A3 paper – because this paper is used to help and aid in:

  • Outlining ideas and plans
  • Identifying goals and objectives
  • And determining risks

The A3 process is a procedure that is known to be developed by Toyota and is used all throughout the business industry, helping businesses and companies to hit one goal and objective after the other.

The A3 Document and Where You Can Use It

Considered as one of the most powerful tools and documents that businesses and organizations can use, the A3 document is a versatile and a flexible tool that can be used to figure out ideas, to plan, and to write and document certain procedures and processes involved in the development of a business structure.

More often than not, the A3 document is the format and the general size of the document that can be used for a few types of work – these works include:

  • Project status reporting
  • Problem-solving (outlining ideas and possible solutions)
  • Policy changes proposition

These are only the three (3) most common uses for the A3 document – there are a lot more. You can always feel free to utilize it so you have a clearer, more formal, and more organized document at your hands.

Should You Use the A3 Process?

The A3 process is a methodology or a procedure that is closely related to Lean Six Sigma as its goal and objective are to map out a plan for continuous business process improvement or development. How has A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma, you may ask? Technically speaking, the A3 can be considered as a part of Lean Six Sigma – and it would fall under the Define, Measure, and Analyze part of the DMAIC process.

Although the A3 process ends in the involvement of your staff and your manpower in the context of the changes that have been made – to the evaluation of the results, it’s not as comprehensive as the goals and the objectives that Lean Six Sigma offers.

A3 for Continuous Improvement

Implementing the A3 process or methodology is like being started or initiated in the Lean Six Sigma discipline. Being aware of how the A3 process is done, how it needs to be documented, and what the procedures and the steps are – move you one step closer to knowing Lean Six Sigma by heart.

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When you work with us, you will learn the value of the A3 process as well as how it is related to Lean Six Sigma. That doesn’t end there, though – as a matter of fact, it’s a tool that can be used and utilized by businesses and organizations to help them have a formal and a formatted way of documenting their plans and procedures.

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