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North Dakota ND-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

In the Business Process Improvement Industry, a multitude of tools are used by businesses, companies, and organizations in order for them to be able to improve, fully optimize, and develop their business processes and procedures.

One strategy or methodology that is strictly being practiced by many is none other than Lean Six Sigma. This methodology is known as the data-driven methodology that uses historical data and information to be able to solve problems through waste reduction, process improvement, and the continuous company or organizational development.

Lean Six Sigma, if you’re able to follow, utilizes various tools and resources in order for it to get the most viable and the most useful solution to a particular problem. There are many Lean Six Sigma Tools out there but among the best include:

5S Tool

The 5S tool is the tool that is used to ensure that the work environment is organized and fixed in a way in which it benefits the entire organization. It is derived from the Japanese methodology and it is as follows:

  • Seiri (To Sort)
  • Seiton (To Set in Order)
  • Seiso (To Shine)
  • Seiketsu (To Standardie); and
  • Shitsuke (To Sustain)

Some of the benefits of utilizing this tool include lower and a much more decreased defect and error rates, improved and developed utilization of assets, increased production, and many more.

Five Whys

From the 5S, the Five Whys Tool is among the many tools used in Lean Six Sigma in order to narrow down a certain problem. The main idea in Five Whys would be asking the question Why Five (5) times. It can be less than five whys, or more – the point is to narrow down and to arrive at the root cause of a certain problem in order for it to be weeded out from the bottom part, maximizing its way into the top.

Fishbone Diagram or Tool

The Fishbone Tool or the Fishbone Diagram is among the most sought after and the most used Lean Six Sigma tools because it highly gives the details that a company needs. It’s used by determining a problem and writing it down on a piece of paper then write a horizontal line starting on its left side, extending towards even the end of the paper (this is the spine of the fish).

Then, each category of your business would be written down and would be the bones of the fish – and below them would be the specific problem of each category. If it can be narrowed more than you can do so.

These are just three (3) of the many Lean Six Sigma Tools used in business process improvement and development. And if you ever find yourself interested in learning how to use any of these tools, remember that we here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts are just one call or email away from wherever you may be in North Dakota.

We are the state’s finest and top-rated Lean Six Sigma Expert – you will never find any inconsistencies in our processes and procedures. Talk to us and experience world-class quality services within the next few hours!

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