Lean Six Sigma Levels-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma Levels

Lean Six Sigma Levels-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

It is not unknown for people to know that Lean Six Sigma is a methodology or a discipline that is comprised of different levels; levels that are determined by the skill, ability, and the complete proficiency of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Akin to how a bachelor’s degree is gotten, aspiring individuals who wish to be certified to the Lean Six Sigma would have to pass a particular assessment for it. Whether they’re looking to be certified to the Yellow Belt, the Green Belt, or the Black Belt, it needs to be determined an assessment.

Why Lean Six Sigma Levels are Separated

A person or an organization certified in Lean Six Sigma cannot just be under one level – it needs a lot of different levels that represent their level of skill and competency. As far as the different levels are concerned, they are separated and differentiated because it needs a certain level of proficiency. Each level has a particular level of skill and expertise – and it crawls up to the most important and the most relevant as they move upper in the ladder.

Different Lean Six Sigma Levels

Knowing the different Lean Six Sigma levels is one of the simplest yet the most important things interested aspirants can learn because knowing it can help them figure out what belt they want to be certified to, what they need to do for them to improve and develop their businesses, and the like.

Lean Six Sigma – White Belt

The White Belt of Lean Six Sigma is the level in which they are knowledgeable of the discipline, but have very little knowledge on what processes and procedures as used; what methodologies are captured, and the like.

In some cases, White Belts would contribute to team-based projects and would pursue problem-solving methodologies that would help in the improvement and development of business processes.

Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt

Obtaining and pursuing a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, on the other hand, would require further and utmost exposure to the different methodologies and processes of Lean Six Sigma – it can include the Cause & Effect Matrix, Process Variables Mapping, knowledge on the DMAIC, an overview of how businesses can apply Lean Six Sigma, and many more.

Similar to the White Belt, the Yellow Belt would not require you to attend a full course. It will teach the concepts of the discipline but in a rather, more minimal sense.

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt

If you are to get serious about your aspirations of using Lean Six Sigma power, it starts at the Green Belt level. The Green Belt level would require all aspirants to take on a full course of Lean Six Sigma which is aimed to improve and develop business processes and procedures.

They would take on lessons and projects that would be real-time and even assist Black Belts with their projects. Getting a Green Belt would enhance and hone your problem-solving skills and capabilities, your decision-making, and many more.

Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt

In Martial Arts, getting the Black Belt means that you’re a master of the art – and that is no different in Lean Six Sigma, too. Being a Black Belt means you have the responsibility of leading business process improvement projects in every way you can.

All the different Lean Six Sigma Levels that you have passed would all conspire up to this point – and it will be you who will lead Green Belts and newer Black Belts in their journey to helping businesses and organizations improve.

Master Black Belts and Champions

A Master Black Belt is a seasoned Black Belt that usually takes the role of the superior or the supervisor or Black Belts; they will guide Black Belts and provide any knowledge or skill that a particular Black Belt lacks. Champions, on the other hand, are like the managers. They oversee the leadership and the Black Belt-led projects and they aim for the growth and development of business process improvements.

The White Belt is a belt that is considered as the entry-level of Lean Six Sigma. It does not require individuals to attend an entire Lean Six Sigma course. More often than not, a one-day course is enough and sufficient but in other cases, a two-day course would be better.

What Should You Get?

In case you’re wondering what particular Lean Six Sigma Belt you need to have, you can try using certain different factors to choose – it can be the goals and objectives you want for your company or your organization, your processes, what types of products and services you wish to have, and many more.

Knowing what belt to have can curb a lot in what’s about to become of your company. Whether you are in the production or the manufacturing industry, if you are in the retail or the commercial industry, the automotive – literally whatever sector or industry, you may find that your option lies on what you want to see as results.

Herewith us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts, you can get the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Certification with us smoothly and seamlessly. Our services have been considered by thousands of businesses and organizations as the only company skilled and capable to provide the best and the highest quality of Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification.

Why We Focus on Yellow and Green Belt

Although we could easily strike up a White Belt Training Course or Program, we choose to focus on the Yellow and Green Belt because as the experts, we believe that this is the main foundation that individuals can succumb to if they plan on going farther down the line of Lean Six Sigma.

Both the Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Training and Certification that we offer here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts is considered as the best, the most effective, and the most productive because it outlines everything that Yellow and Green Belts can have.

From the roles, duties, and responsibilities, to the outcomes and the results that businesses and organizations want and need – we have it all planned out.  Talk to us here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts and never worry about Lean Six Sigma ever again!

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