Lean Six Sigma For Healthcare-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma For Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma For Healthcare-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

The origins of the Lean Methodology can clearly be traced back as early as the 1450s when Henry Ford planned and strategize how he would be able to reduce waste and non-essential steps in his processes. Later on, other businesses and companies followed the path and took on the Lean Six Sigma Principles as their own.

Six Sigma has been introduced to the world quite recently – it was when an Engineer working for Motorola came up with a strategy that was based on the Kaizen Model of Japan.

Today, millions of businesses worldwide utilize it because they want nothing but better business and bigger checks. What companies use it, you ask? Can it be used in the medical and healthcare industry? How can it be an effective tool for facilities that handle the health and well-being of people?

Problem-Solving Methodology

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is known and famous for its ability to be able to go deep into the realms of the business to understand and comprehend where it’s going wrong. To give you a concrete example, Lean Six Sigma in manufacturing can be anything in the following lines:

  • Detection of malfunctioning equipment
  • Replacement of people
  • Changing of schedules
  • Finding a different supplier

Any of these can be the reason for the drawbacks and the shortcomings of certain business operations – and through Lean Six Sigma, they can be solved easily and effortlessly! But what about in Healthcare? How can Lean Six Sigma assist facilities and organizations in the healthcare industry?

Lean Six Sigma For Healthcare – What is its Role?

Going back to the manufacturing example – the solutions we were able to arrive there all pointed to one thing: To locate, detect, and eliminate defects and mishaps within a given company or organization. What problems do healthcare facilities face? What do you think are the most common dilemmas they run across?

Some of the most common problems that facilities have to include:

  • Shortage of professionals
  • Insufficient rooms and wards
  • Lack of drugs or medicine
  • Improper patient care

These problems can easily be solved through Lean Six Sigma – and if it is done and integrated into the best and the most rewarding ways possible. Still, confused about how it all works? Here’s one good example.

In the Boston Medical Center, they utilized Lean Six Sigma to focus on the diagnostic imaging; this yielded a result in the overall development of the establishment and made their revenues skyrocket.

Advantages of Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

In case you’re looking for the benefits and the advantages of Lean Six Sigma in the field of Healthcare – it is all for the benefit of the customers, in this regard, the patients. All of it is pointed and directed towards understanding the needs and the overall requirements of patients; and Lean Six Sigma is, overall, to showcase the most effective and efficient business processes and procedures that facilities and organizations can do.

One thing that Lean Six Sigma can improve in a medical facility is the transportation of the patients. It can be patients in the ward or the medical rooms to the emergency room and vice versa.

Hospitals and clinics fill up because patient transportation is not looked at – and that’s what Lean Six Sigma can help them will.

Processes and procedures in the laboratory, are, of course, the main heart of a hospital. If the laboratory is bricked and it’s not functioning properly, then it can be the start of a medical facility’s demise.

Lean Six Sigma offers standardization of laboratory procedures and processes without asking for a high or an absurd amount.

Not all hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities are rich in resources – there are some that do not have the particular resources they need, and what they do is they ask for it from some other organizations and facilities.

All resources of a hospital or a clinic are going to waste if it’s not utilized properly and effectively. Through Lean Six Sigma, they will be able to find a suitable place for unused resources.

Another thing that Lean Six Sigma can do for a company or an organization is it can reduce the costs and the overall expenses of the company in performing their business processes and procedures.

What wastes are involved in the healthcare industry? Furthermore, what is considered as variations? The medical or the healthcare industry looks at a few points and factors as waste and variations – they include:

  • Expired drugs and medicines
  • The unused skill of staff members and professionals
  • Equipment and apparatus

Lean Six Sigma can be the only answer you need in case you are looking to improve and develop the healthcare processes in your company or your organization. Contrary to popular belief, Lean Six Sigma isn’t only for a particular industry – it’s spread out to other business sectors and industries too!

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