Lean Six SIgma Curriculum for Career Tech Students-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Career Tech Students

Lean Six SIgma Curriculum for Career Tech Students-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Lean Six Sigma is defined by a fact-based, data-driven methodology of improvement that focuses on defect prevention over defect detection. Apart from that, it’s also a methodology that is used to be able to identify flaws and inconsistencies within a business process.

It is based upon customer satisfaction and bottom-line results by reducing variation, waste, and cycle time, while also promoting the usage of work standardization and flow which therefore influences a competitive advantage. It is the result of both the individual derivatives of Lean and Six Sigma. Whereas Lean relies upon the reduction or elimination of product wastes, the Six Sigma principles depend upon the improvement of the efficiency and quality of the process.

Career Technical Education has been one of the most rewarding and the most extensive industries in education. Packed and armed with a wide range of practices, it’s truly an area that would require a great deal of work. Integrating Lean Six Sigma into the CTE industry is big work – but it’s something that would be of pleasure because of the benefits and the advantages offered by the methodology.

Career Technical Education: Explained

Career Technical Education is a multi-year sequence of courses that incorporate both core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge together to offer students a pathway to post-secondary education and careers.

CTE programs seek to offer an enriched educational experience in line with student interest and academic success, while also developing technical and soft skills training required to meet the 21st Century workplace demand.

How Lean Six Sigma Benefits CTE

We know that the Lean Six Sigma Methodology is the discipline that entails overall knowledge and skill in business process improvement – so how would it benefit the CTE field? The Career Technical Education evolved to be in concurrent with the 4th Industrial Revolution. In pursuance to the fast-paced economic, technological, and social changes, the global market yearns to hire workers with global competence to which the Lean Six Sigma methodology caters with its simple and efficient solutions and processes.

Moreover, due to the rapid and constant evolving of this new world of global market opportunities, CTE students inevitably face a critical new imperative which is to be prepared for work and civic roles in an environment where success increasingly requires the ability to compete, connect, and cooperate on an international scale.

The integration of both Lean and Six Sigma in this dynamic environment will spearhead the certainty of exceptional improvements as the methodology/curriculum operates both on the principles of waste elimination and variation reduction — a continuous process improvement to ensure that customer value is managed and maintained.

Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Process

The simplification and improvement of the work process are introduced to the overall cultural change of the organizational work process by identifying areas of waste and inefficiency and the prompt removal of any wasted effort. Once this has been worked with, the remaining process will be easier to deal with.

By simplifying and consistently improving the work process, fewer mistakes and errors are bound to happen. The acceptable quality is based upon what customers value which thereby paves the priority to make major improvements to problems that are most impactful to the work scale and must primarily be addressed.

The Importance of Data

Data is also a major factor in coming up with the best solution rather than relying upon the gut feeling of what seems to be the best which thereby results in solutions based on factual evidence. The methodology is based on data and without it, no procedure or process would be possible.

Some of the common essential factors that data has in the entire process include:

  • Allowance to Risk Management
  • Company or Organizational Background and History
  • Easier Methods of Determining Quality; and
  • Many More

The reduction variation within this process means the process becomes more predictable including the predictability of the cycle time, quality output, and costs. This is a great asset to an ever-changing and unstable environment which brings in a better performance upon customer service. With the shortened cycle time, real-time data based control plans and systems are then introduced.

Through the shortened cycle time and data-based control systems, the operators and process managers can make decisions that immediately impact process performance. This improves performance, improves employee morale, and improves agility. With all these careful processing, trust and transparency will not be difficult to build and maintain with the customer or recipient of such work.

Overview of the DMAIC Process

There is also a DMAIC process within the Lean Six Sigma Curriculum: the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control process.

The Define phase seeks to identify the problem followed by Measuring the current performance of the process used and thereby Analyzing the collected information to get to the true root cause of the problem. The current process is then Improved by creating the best solution and Controlling the solution to ensure that the improvement is not only utilized for a short amount of time.

Should You Care About the Lean Six Sigma Methodology?

Global competence is greatly valued in this field, and the capacity to meet this standard necessitates the implementation of a foolproof and effective work process.

The cohesion of the skill tools set in place within the Lean Six Sigma methodology will give you more recognition to businesses or employers in any industry as the method has been used and has achieved proven results for numerous organizations all around the world in any type of business process and operation. Likewise, the training under this curriculum will improve more of your problem-solving skills with its principles.

Should you find yourself in need of an organization or a company that you can trust and bank on, you can learn and trust us here at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts. We have been the top and the number one Lean Six Sigma Training Institution and Organization in the country and you will never feel scarcity in the skills and the competencies that we have in the services we will be providing.

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