Is Lean Six Sigma Still Relevant-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Is Lean Six Sigma Still Relevant?

Is Lean Six Sigma Still Relevant-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Businesses offer a ton of different problems – especially the bigger ones. Whether we like it or not, problems and dilemmas are always going to be a part of a business, no matter how successful one is. Problems aren’t always bad – sometimes, problems are considered as a good thing, depending on the situation.

For example, if a hotel is fully-booked and more people want to book the hotel, that’s a good problem; if a fast-food chain is filled with hungry customers, and there are more outside – all queued and lined up to eat your food, that’s a good problem. That’s rare – and it’s important that you keep this in mind.

Negative problems, on the other hand, are all businesses’ best friends. Problems with the company or the organization’s finances, people, processes, and even results – that’s what’s normal. To handle problems like this, there are a lot of different ways that businesses can succumb to – one of which is through Lean Six Sigma.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

You’re not the first person who asked this question – and if a person gets a coin every single time this question is asked, he’d be a millionaire in a week. Millions of people look to become more aware and versed as to what Lean Six Sigma is. They think of it as something so complex, but in reality, it’s not.

Simply, Lean Six Sigma is a data-driven, statistical, graphical, and analytical method of solving problems – it is as simple as that. No complications, no complex things; it’s used by businesses, companies, and organizations to find a solution for a problem that they are finding too difficult and complicated to solve.

History of Lean Six Sigma

The story goes far a while back when business process improvement isn’t such a necessary thing. As a whole, Lean Six Sigma has been coined and founded around the year 1986 by an American Engineer working for the Motorola Company. Before that, though, the Lean Manufacturing Method or Strategy has been used by notable people such as Henry Ford in the 1450s; Eli Whitney in 1798; and Eji Toyoda and the group in the 1960s.

It has been shaped and designed as the structure that would allow businesses to see improvements and developments a lot easier and a lot better than how they used to do it. For years, it was continually improved and developed to the Lean Six Sigma Methodology that we now know of it.

Importance of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a business process improvement methodology that relies heavily on data and on information about a company’s business procedures, systems, products, services, and the like. It uses its own data to interpret and to figure out what would the best solution for a particular problem be.

Through the years of businesses and companies using it, is Lean Six Sigma Still Relevant? Is it still being used and utilized by companies and organizations? Which business industries and sectors do you think would benefit from it the most?

There’s actually no answer to that, whatever business you engage in, you would find Lean Six Sigma relevant. It doesn’t matter what particular age your business is in and it doesn’t matter what your business model is – you’re going to find it extremely useful.

Who Uses Lean Six Sigma?

Millions of businesses and companies choose to use Lean Six Sigma as their main method in improving and developing their business processes. Its comprehensive approach in solving problems and in improving your overall operations make it the best and the most loved methodology of all. Companies, businesses, and organizations in many industries find it relevant – and even up until now, they’re sought after by many businesses and organizations.

Why Get Lean Six Sigma?

Getting Lean Six Sigma should never be a question if yes or no – but when. Lean Six Sigma can be useful at a particular moment in your business. Say, for example, if you run a medical or a healthcare-inclined business, obtaining Lean Six Sigma Certification can be highly effective in terms of improving or developing a particular process in transporting patients from wards to emergency rooms, or the process in treating patients.

There are a lot of reasons why you should get Lean Six Sigma – here are some of those:

  • It can standardize and improve business processes and operations
  • Help you reduce and decrease your costs
  • Remove waste and variations in your business processes
  • Increase your acquisition of new clients and businesses
  • And many more

These are only the general benefits and advantages that Lean Six Sigma can give your company – the specific and particular advantages it can give you would depend on your business sector and industry and rest assured that it will all be worth your while.

Work With the Best

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