How to Get a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

How to Get a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma?

How to Get a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

If you’re not in the know, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is the ultimate sign that you have undergone extensive training and you were able to exercise all the methodologies and the strategies suggested by the concept.

Similar to how the hierarchy in Martial Arts is, the Black Belt is the most skilled and the most adept of all. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder is expected to possess a whole wide spectrum of skills and expertise in business process improvement and development.

The different Lean Six Sigma Levels are the White Belt, the Yellow Belt, the Green Belt, the Black Belt, and the Master Black Belt. The Master Black Belt shares similar duties and responsibilities with the Black Belt, it’s just improved and more straightforward than the usual Black Belt.

Achieving a Black Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Structure is a lot like how the Martial Arts structure is – a student needs to undergo training and when they pass a certain assessment, they’ll be given the belt and the certification that goes along with it. Before you can achieve a Black Belt, it is highly recommended to all interested to obtain a Green Belt first. It’s not mandatory, but it will be easier for you, and you will waste no money in doing so. Why? Because the Green Belt is the program or the level that exercises leadership roles in general, the Black Belt Certification and Training would already equip and prepare you for concrete roles of leadership.

Getting it directly, on the other hand, can confuse you especially if you’re just new to the business scene. It would be hard, difficult, and too confusing – this is why it’s advisable, more often than not, to obtain a Green Belt first before pursuing a Black Belt.

Duties and Responsibilities of Black Belts

The Duties and Responsibilities of Black Belts might surprise you because they’re not that difficult and challenging. As a matter of fact, its main focus is on the improvement and the development of processes by facilitating and moderating Lean Six Sigma Projects that it has.

As a Black Belt, it will be your responsibility to lead support systems using all the available techniques and strategies used in Lean Six Sigma. You are expected to have a high level of understanding of all the principles and methodologies because those are going to be your roles.

Mentoring Yellow and Green Belt Professionals

Another responsibility that they have is that they would teach and mentor Yellow Belt and Green Belt Students and Professionals. In their business improvement and development projects, it would be their main duty to help and assist lower belts in achieving their goals and objectives – which are all, of course, for the benefit of the company or the organization.

Transformational Change

Since they’re the leaders in the business process improvement or development field, they would be the ones to hold and conduct the transformational changes that a business or a company has in store.

Whether it’s a physical or a digital transformation, or if it involves finances, a Black Belt would be the one to help in leading and in nurturing the talents and skills of Yellow and Green Belt Professionals. Those are just some of the few responsibilities that a Black Belt needs to do. There are more – and it would depend on certain factors which include the project itself, the business sector they are in, and how their post or their position functions within the company or the organization.

How to Get a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma?

In case you’re wondering, both the Green and Black Belts have almost the same level of proficiency – the Black Belt, however, is just focused on a higher level of mastery of all the methodologies, principles, concepts, and the application of the strategies into the business processes and procedures.

Achieving a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma would require all aspirants to be trained rigorously and effectively. Nowadays, finding traditional training centers is not a good option because of the fact that it lacks the modernization that some businesses and organizations require.

After the training, they would need to pass the Certification and it would be the confirmation that the students and aspirants are on the right track in getting the Black Belt Certification. In most cases, the Black Belt Certification would take anywhere between one (1) to three (3) months and it would require all aspirants to pass all the needed and the required assessments and certification points and factors.

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