How Does Lean Six Sigma Help With Quality Improvement-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

How Does Lean Six Sigma Help With Quality Improvement?

How Does Lean Six Sigma Help With Quality Improvement-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Among the many different methodologies and strategies in business process improvement, Lean Six Sigma has been considered as the most reliable and the most productive. Unlike other procedures and processes, Lean Six Sigma offers a comprehensive and holistic approach and it’s applicable to all business industries and sectors – it doesn’t have its focus in just one area.

If Lean Six Sigma is considered as the best methodology or discipline for business process improvement, how does it help with the improvement of quality? How does it partake in developing and enhancing a business process’s overall standard and quality?

What is Lean Six Sigma For?

By definition, Lean Six Sigma is a problem-solving process or methodology that is used and made specifically to help companies, businesses, and organizations with their business processes and procedures. It helps businesses through the following activities:

  • Identification and Removal of Waste and Variation
  • Improvement of Inefficient and Irrelevant Steps
  • Develop Customer Experience and Satisfaction
  • Responding to the Needs of Customers and Clients
  • Standardizing Business Processes
  • And Many More

Lean Six Sigma is a procedure that offers a comprehensive approach in the context of process improvement – the benefits given above aren’t the only benefits you can get from it – there are a lot more, and that will already depend on the business industry you’re in.

Understanding the Lean Methodology

One thing that most people think when Lean Methodology is talked about is the fact that it’s not something that can be independent. The common misconception that people have when it comes to Lean is that it cannot stand on its own feet.

In reality, though, Lean Manufacturing is actually a strategy or a methodology that became a thing. It’s a practice that has been used by some businesses in Venice in the 1450s, making it one of the oldest but one of the most effective and efficient business process improvement strategies and methodologies.

Lean Manufacturing’s main goal is to improve the quality of products and services through the correct identification of waste and variations, as well as the removal of it.

Understanding the Six Sigma Methodology

While Lean puts emphasis on identification and reduction of waste and variation, Six Sigma is a methodology that is focused on the decrease or the elimination of defects in a business process. Six Sigma’s main objective is to allow a figure of 3.4 defects per million opportunities and it’s done via some methodologies and strategies.

Some of the most notable strategies and structures that Six Sigma utilizes include:

  • DMAIC or the (D) – Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (I) – Improve; and (C) – Control structure;
  • DMADV or the (D) – Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (D) – Design; and (V) – Verify;
  • The Kaizen Journey
  • 8D or Eight Disciplines
  • And Many More

Lean Six Sigma and Quality Improvement

If Lean is the methodology used in waste identification and reduction, and Six Sigma is the structure or the discipline utilized to get rid of defects in a business process – how does Lean Six Sigma Help With Quality Improvement? Does it have any impact on improving and developing business processes at all?

Lean Six Sigma is a strategy that is used to help cover every angle of business processes – from the usual and the regular waste and variation identification, to the reduction of defects per a million opportunities, and by making sure that all clients and customers are treated well and responsibly, it will, overall, increase and develop the quality of a business’s products and services.

You’re not going to be required to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in one go – neither will you be required to go and purchase lucrative and absurd courses. Lean Six Sigma is anywhere in the market – you just have to know where to look.

Do You Need Lean Six Sigma?

Companies and businesses that tell themselves that they do not need Lean Six Sigma are usually the companies that fall off their balance within a few years. Lean Six Sigma isn’t a discipline that you can expect short-term objectives and goals from – it acts as if it’s the long-term solution that your organization needs to be able to pursue business activities and ideals in a manner where it’s going to be effective and efficient for the entire company.

Whether your business is new and fresh, or if it has been around for ages, utilizing and integrating the practices and the developmental capabilities of Lean Six Sigma can be for the overall and the holistic development for your business or your organization.

You might need to consider Lean Six Sigma if you experience or if you see any of the following in your company or your organization:

  • Slow-paced and decreased effectiveness and efficiency
  • People not being involved (staff members, executives, managers, etc.)
  • Diminished quality of products and/or services
  • Messed up and unfurnished steps and processes

Who Do You Work With?

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