Describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool

Describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts

Among the numerous Tools Lean Six Sigma uses, one seems to stand out from the rest because of the effectiveness and the efficiency of it when injected into a particular business process. The 5s tool is the tool that’s looked at as the most important and the most relevant and it’s used to handle and to properly manage the organization of the workplace.

Originally, it is a concept that is taken from the Japanese concept of the Five S and it is: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke; and their English counterparts are: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

The Goal of the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool

There are a ton of results the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool can bring your company, but its true meaning and purpose lies on the organization and the management of the workplace. How would the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool be described, you ask? Simple – it is the procedure or the structure of process that would help businesses manage their workplaces effectively and efficiently.

The entire philosophy of the 5s goes a long way than just being a tool for business process improvement. It’s also to be used as a way to gather and involve working professionals and your staff members to contribute to the success of your organization.

Seiri or Sort

The first of the five (5) steps of the Five S’s is the Sort; this step focuses on the identification and the elimination of all services, products, and steps that are of no value in contributing to the overall welfare and development of the business or the organization.

It handles all the clutter and the irrelevant factors in your workplace – it can be people, equipment, resources, services, processes, and many others.

Seiton or to Set in Order

To Set in Order is to examine the different storing methodologies that your organization or your company is using. Its goal is to be able to come up with a work environment that is economic, practical, useful, and effective.

Seiso or Shine

After identifying the wasteful and the unnecessary methods and processes, and after everything is set to be in order, the Shine or Seiso step is to clean the workplace or a particular process on a daily or a regular basis.

Changing it once is easy – the hardest and the most challenging part would be how you can maintain it on a level in which it can sustain the business.

Seiketsu or Standardize

Standardizing the processes is like creating a particular atmosphere for it. It needs to be followed and abided by in a smooth and seamless manner. It might require some extra mile for it to be done but making sure that everything is standardized can make your lives a lot easier.

Shitsuke or Sustain

How far do you think you’ll be able to sustain the improvement and the development you introduced to your business? Sustaining it properly and appropriately can help your business or your organization passively – you wouldn’t have to worry about it when you set the most appropriate things in place.

Learning the 5s Tools

Unlike other business processes and procedures, the 5s Tool is not a single course that can be taken in a day or in a week. Learning it can be fast but the application of it is rather a more complicated thing than what most people expect of it.

Application of it would be the hardest and the most complicated of all. Even if you are entirely aware of what the 5s Tools are, it wouldn’t be enough for you to just know it. You need to be able to apply and integrate it into your business processes and procedures.

Example of 5s in Action

Imagine that you own a ship courtyard company – you rent places for ships to be parked while it’s not in use. You’re encountering multiple problems per day but the biggest would be the insufficient space you have; you finally see to it that you’ll apply the 5S Tools to help you with your dilemma.

You’ll need to Sort it by determining the problems – which in this case is the fact that there’s no space for all the ships of your clients. You eliminate all the processes that try to determine other problems because you already know it. Setting into Order the proper alignment and schedule of ships would be the next step – you’ll draft up a plan about it. Shining is when you lay the plans out and you pursue the improvement in the process. After you see its effect in one day, you then go and Standardize the process so this will be followed even without you present; and lastly, developing a Self-Sustaining method of solving it by allocating your managers is going to do all the work for you, passively.

Where Should You Go?

There are various companies that can help you with what you need and there are plenty of coaches and instructors there that can guide you. However, if you wish to work for the best and for the most effective company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts is the way to go.

Whether you just want a glimpse of a particular process, or if you’re looking to help your entire company or organization out by improving and developing its business processes, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Experts is the best option you have. You can learn the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool with us and understand it in a manner where you will have the knowledge of how you can apply it appropriately and directly to your business procedures and processes.

Why Work With Us?

When you work with us, you will not only get the best quality of Lean Six Sigma 5s Tools Training, you will have the opportunity to know and to broaden your network, too. Other things that you can get when you decide to go with us for your Lean Six Sigma Training include:

  • Safety in Your Workplace or Organization
  • Improved Asset or Resource Management
  • Increased Production
  • More Flexibility

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